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Commercial Broadband Solutions is a backhaul provider focused primarily on providing high capacity fixed point to point connectivity for Data and Voice traffic. CBS has designed strategic points of presence to interconnect to the various regional fiber metro-networks as well as long haul fiber providers such as US Signal, Cogent and others.

A mix of fiber and microwave assets comprises CBS’s redundant network, and CBS holds many FCC licensed frequencies in the 6 through 23Ghz spectrum as well as a nation wide spectrum lease in the 38Ghz band for last mile connections at capacities of 1Gbps and higher.

CBS was formed in 2008 to address the weakest link in the fiber optic Metro-net model… the last mile between the end user location and the nearest fiber infrastructure. To date, CBS has constructed a fully redundant network surrounding most of Elkhart County with connections to South Bend, Chicago, Warsaw, Howe, Ligonier, Laporte and many other northern Indiana locations.

Recognizing that the traditional T1 simply does not provide enough capacity for today’s high capacity WAN, CBS has set out the raise the bar… deploying a privately owned infrastructure capable of supporting connection speeds up to 1Gbps.